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An innovative handle for bikers. Our product is a vibrating handle which leads you through traffic 

SmartHandle benefits

Bike Navigation in your handlebars

The SmartHandle will lead you through traffic. The vibrating handlebars will guide you.

Safely navigate without using your phone

The SmartHandle makes it possible to leave your phone in your bag. Focus on the traffic for your safety.

Biking without Distraction

With the SmartHandle is it possible to enjoy the ride. Enjoy the view instead of your smartphone.

Our vision

We want to reduce traffic accidents.
We are making traffic safe with The SmartHandle 
Our team consists of entrepreneurial student completed by senoir advisor
The company is based at PLNT leiden, the entrepeneurs academy from Leiden, The Netherlands.

WANTED: Strategic Partners

SmartHandle is currently exploring the market. Have an idea you want to share or want to know more about our plans, feel free to send us an e-mail.



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We are creating the most innovative, safe and trendy solution for your bike navigation

The SmartHandle

An innovative handle for bikers. The product is a vibrating handle which leads you through traffic.

The place where you’ll get the perfect solution for safe bike navigation

Our handle vibes your way!

The SmartHandle application connects your phone to your bike. 

The handle is connectable with your navigation systems, Google maps & Apple maps. 

With our product it is possible to keep your smartphone in your bag after making a connection with your phone. The handle will do the job

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PLNT Leiden, Netherlands

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Email : thomastrouwen@hotmail.com

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